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The Bournonville Archive

Bournonville in Hell

by Alexandra Tomalonis

A series of three articles outlining the posthumous performance history of Bournonville's ballets in Denmark from 1879 to 1992, the tragic events that befell those works after that time, their current condition, and a gloomy prognosis for their future. These articles were originally published in DanceView magazine. A shortened, two-part version was published in the British quarterly Dance Now, under the titles "Bournonville in Hell" (Spring 1998) and "The Mermaid's Head" (Summer 1998). This version has been modified slightly from the original which appeared in DanceView.

Bournonville in Hell, Part 1-a
Bournonville in Hell, Part 1-b
    A Performance History from 1879 to 1992; a brief consideration of the directorships of Royal Danish Balletmasters Hans Beck, Harald Lander, Niels Bjorn Larsen, Flemming Flindt, Henning Kronstam, and Frank Andersen; plus the productions of Beck, Lander, Hans Brenaa, Kirsten Ralov and Kronstam.

Bournonville in Hell, Part 2
    Political, structural and artistic changes at the Danish Royal Theatre; the directorship of Peter Schaufuss.

Bournonville in Hell, Part 3
(The Mermaid's Head)
    The ballets at the time of the II Bournonville Festival in 1992; balletmaster lore; the future.


Bournonville 2000
    A review of the 2000 Bournonville Week, originally published in Dance Magazine.





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All Ashton, All the Time
The Lincoln Center Ashton Celebration 3

Robert Greskovic
Margot Fonteyn—
Two New DVDs and a New Biography 12

Carol Pardo
That’s Entertainment
American Ballet Theatre’s Spring Met Season 19

Gay Morris
Gillian Murphy
Finding Her Way Through Movement 25

Carol Pardo
Paris Opera Ballet, Spring 2004 30

Alexandra Tomalonis
Watching Ballet in the City of Art
A Gala for Claude Bessy in Paris 34

Jane Simpson
London Report
Bolshoi and San Francisco Ballets,
and a Dance Film 36

Rita Felciano
Bay Area Report
Westwavedance Festival,
Hagen and Simone, TONGUE, Lily Cai
Chinese Dance Company, Shen Wei
Dance Arts, National Ballet of Canada 41




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